2017 Roundup


Warning - Very Very late blog post! (a very busy start to 2018) 

Well its here finally, 2018! and what an incredible year 2017 was for myself and the business. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support and advice through the year to help me and my work grow into something I am proud to show off. Don't get me wrong I still feel as though I have a long road ahead not only with the business side of things but also technical. My work is finally starting to evolve into what I was aiming for when I first set out to photograph weddings. Natural, emotion packed and gripping images that savour moments in a beautifully elegant way. 

Anyway enough of my rambling and I hope everyone that I have come into contact with, or any of my 2017 couples have a great 2018 as I know if its anything like the last I sure will!

Below are just a few of my favourite 2017 images.