Wedding - Dale & Ashley - RingWood Hall Hotel, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

As a wedding photographer you genuinely feel blessed to be asked to photograph the weddings of great couples.  Never was that truer than with Dale & Ashley's wedding at Ringwood Hall Hotel, Derbyshire. As an added bonus it was great to have a  catch up with dale who is an old college friend of mine. 

On the homepage of my website, I try and sum up what typifies my photographic style.  The three word I use are natural, relaxed & beautiful.  I genuinely couldn’t think of three more fitting words for Dale & Ashley's wedding and indeed how amazing Ashley looked on her wedding day.  There was just an effortless charm and elegance to the whole day.

It’s been quite a while since I photographed this wedding yet my memory of it is really fresh or to be more precise my memory of Dale and Ashley, and what wonderful people they are is still very fresh in my mind. 

For the most part, my blog is pretty much were I waffle on about all the fab weddings I’ve been lucky enough to photograph, as a slight break from that tradition I’m going to leave this with a few words from Dale and Ashley and what they had to say about the experience of having me as their wedding photographer.

"Wow! the photos are incredible Chris! I'm so pleased with all your work and I'm so glad you were available on our date. Ashley's over the moon with them too. Ashley has just been telling me how nice you were in the morning while she was getting ready so I owe you the world for that because I think it really helped her cope with her nerves. Thanks again Chris Looking forward to seeing you again after the honeymoon."

..and here is the story of their wedding, a huge congratulations to both of you again.