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My Style...

I love to capture beautiful moments, emotions, and atmosphere. I take a documentary approach with a hint of direction for when it comes to capturing beautiful portraits of the bride and groom.

I love both photojournalism and fine art photography and combine the two within my work. I love the contrast between raw spontaneous moments set against beautiful composed portraits, portraits that have feeling and a connection between the couple. I spend most of the day documenting quietly and sensitively  but when it comes to crafting beautiful fine art portraits I give gentle guidance with where and how to stand but keep in mind the personality of the couple so I don’t loose character with a forced pose. My editing style is clean and classic with a bit of punch. I don’t use filters or pre-sets and every image is individually edited making each photograph timeless. 

Having tangible prints is so important in a time where screens rule the world, so to help you get your memories off the screen and into your hands I include an album or  prints in all of my packages.

If you’re interested in looking at more of my work, come and take a look around my Full Wedding Gallery or to read more about my background and what I do click here.