13th August 2021.

The Arches in Halifax, Yorkshire has always been one of my favourite venues. Not only due to its vast industrial heritage roots but the light in which it always is presented. It’s dark, very dark in fact with just a strip of natural light on one side of the main room. This could be daunting for a majority of photographers but lends itsself beautifully to my way of photographing along with my style.

When Imogen and Stephen told me they were having their day there I just had to say yes. especially as both Imogen and Stephen are some of nicest people you could ever wish to meet,

Arriving at the apartment where Imogen and her bridesmaids were getting ready I soon felt welcomed and everyone soon relaxed in front of the lens.

There was no air of panic or stress about the place as the morning progressed. Imogen was incredibly calm collected.

The whole day fully reminded me of why I do this and most importantly of why I LOVE doing this.

The people, the venue itself and the emotions surrounding this wedding were exactly what a true British wedding should be. A celebration of two people surrounded by their most important loved ones.

Here are some previews from their day...

Venue - The Arches