Christopher Western -

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

Weddings are about you, your friends and families, and the moments you create together both past and present. I document your wedding day into true, honest photography, that will forever tell a story for generations to come. 

I have two main influences -

Firstly my father who has always been a keen photographer. Snapping away at every opportune moment creating memories that I look back on today and feel transported back to younger years.


My second influence is my love for the Renaissance Art movement. The artist's focus on natural light and shadow really strikes a chord with how I photograph and compose my work.  

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Yorkshire wedding photographer Christopher Western
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A Serious Coffee Addict | Loves The Quiet Life | Musician | Automotive Enthusiast | Major Foodie | Family Man | Art Lover | Pizza Fanatic | Music Is My Medicine | Cats Over Dogs (Sorry) | Candle Crazy | Too Many Shoes



“We quickly realised how much passion he has for his work as he appeared to be just as excited about our day as we did. Punctual and professional throughout, Christopher did an incredible job of capturing the greatest moments of our wedding and I can't thank him enough.
He really does strive for perfection on each individual photo.
He was friendly to every guest and really helped to make everyone feel at ease. It was a genuine pleasure to have him at our wedding."”